Inspiration Station: Superstars and Superchics

I love a good pep talk or inspirational quote (as seen here, here, and here). So it's no surprise that I love TED Talks! If you've never heard of TED, it's an organization that has conferences (which are recorded!) with interesting and intelligent speakers who share their empowering ideas in 18 minutes or less. I recently watched this TED Talk and it really struck a cord in me. It's definitely worth the 15 minutes to watch it, so if you're interested I've written a quick synopsis below!

Margaret Heffernan talks about the importance of social capital aka social interactions/friends at work! For companies and organizations to be successful, people need to talk to each other because one or two superstars or "superchics" can't dominate an organization. Everyone is important and everyone has something they can contribute. One person can come up with an idea and during lunch or a coffee break, can share the idea and people can build on it to make a life-changing innovation. I love that message. In health care we are always taught that we are a team and that everyone on that that team is extremely valuable because each person knows something important that you don't know. As one of my friends always says, "you can learn something from everyone". Utilizing this in your job or in daily interactions can help us take the competitive culture of the world and make it an inclusive, friendlier, and much more successful place.

I hope you're as inspired as I was after watching this TED Talk! Do you have a favorite TED Talk? Comment below, I'd love to watch it!

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Scarves and Sweets

Polka Dot Sweater Layering

Layering button downs with a sweater is my favorite (as seen here)! It's a fun way to brighten up winter-wear. When I got this polka dot sweater in the mail I swooned. It's beautiful by itself and is super fun when layered with other colors/patterns. I layered it with a chambray button down and added a necklace for an extra pop! It was a little chilly so I grabbed my vest, but it would look great without a vest as well. Outfit details are below :)

Polka Dot Sweater Layering with Chambray Button Down

Polka Dot Sweater Layering with Chambray Button Down

Chambray Button-down
Polka Dot Sweater (from Stitch Fix, similar here, here, and here)
Necklace (old, similar linked)
Black leggings (similar here, here, and here)
Beige Booties (similar here, here, here, and here)
Black Puffer Vest
Marc Jacobs Cross Body (similar here and here)
Gorjana Bracelet
Tortoise Watch
Bauble Bar Ring (save here!)

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Scarves and Sweets

Paige Skyline Jeans

 Recently, I was on the hunt for the perfect dark-wash jean. I wanted something sophisticated yet comfy and professional yet fashionable. I searched everywhere (seriously! it was starting to drive me nuts). I finally stopped looking online and just went to Nordstroms, and luckily I had an amazing saleswoman who found these beauties. I LOVE these Paige Skyline jeans. I am not a jeans kind of gal but now I want to wear these every day. They are SO stinking soft that they feel like leggings but they are classy and sophisticated and flattering in all the right places. Just trying them on, I could tell that they are super well-made. Lucky for you, they are currently on S-A-L-E for 35% off (plus free shipping!). Get them here! You can also check out the whole Paige line.

Perfect jeans paige skyline review

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