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School is starting soon, especially medical schools that start back in July! I wanted to do a post about some of things I found helpful for the classroom years of med school, most of which are also totally applicable for undergrad, grad school, really any type of school!

Back to (Medical) School Essentials

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones - If you buy one thing to improve your studying, it should be this! They're pretty pricey but almost everyone in my class had a pair of these! When it's the night before your exam and people are chatting nearby and your stress level is higher than normal, you can just click the "noise canceling" switch and boom you're in your happy place. Trust me, you'll thank me later :)

Colorful pens (& highlighters) - Colorful pens and highlighters make studying so much more fun and  happy! When you're studying 12 hours a day, you will really appreciate the little things like that! I absolutely love the Paper Mate Flair pens linked above because they don't bleed through the page. I also love these Pilot Ink Gel pens because they are so smooth and ink-y to write with! For highlighters I love these (remember this post when I first got them?!) and these!

Book Stand - I have the 16.5x10.4 and it's perfect for holding up big text books when you're tired of craning your neck! A lot of my classmates ended up getting the same one and really liked it too!

Cheap Scrubs - You'll spend A LOT of time up in anatomy lab and you'll need scrubs for lab. Get a pair or 2 that are cheap so you can throw them away after the semester is over! Trust me, you (and your future patients and colleagues) won't want to keep them! Matching scrubs bottoms here. You can also check Goodwill for even cheaper prices!

White Board - White boards are super helpful if you're writing out a pathway or trying to map out a complex idea. I used mine all the time and almost all my classmates had one at their desk! Be sure to get some colorful white board markers too!

Silent Mouse - When you spend the majority of your time either taking notes on your computer in class or studying from your computer, it gets frustrating to always use the laptop track pad. Getting a mouse definitely made my wrists hurt less! I highly recommend a wireless mouse that's silent so that you won't hear all the clicking sounds! 

Littman Cardiology Stethoscope III - Most schools recommend this stethoscope. Check with your school to see what they recommend and if they have discounts! If not, the Student Medical Shop usually has good deals!

Keyboard Arm Rest - Again, spending most of the day on the computer is not the most ergonomic thing for your wrists! One of my friends had this arm rest and after using it a few times, I was hooked and got one for myself. It really does reduce nerve pain from resting your arm on one side for too long! I found it on sale here! I'm obsessed with my arm rest but if you don't get wrist pain from typing for 12 hours (#jealous) then you definitely should not spend money on this!!

Do you have any other back to school essentials to add?! Comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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