I was in clinic the other day and ended up using this website for a lot of our patients because they wanted to know how much their prescriptions would cost. We were able to tell them the exact cost at different pharmacies, plus we were able to find them coupons! I definitely thought this was common knowledge but I was surprised when so few people knew about it, so I wanted to spread the word for anyone who buys medicine (aka almost everyone at some point!), as well as all the practicing clinicians out there.


GoodRx is an amazing company that was made just to help patients find the best prices for the drugs you need, by giving you the prices at all the pharmacies in your city. It also gives you COUPONS (hello!) for most drugs! Even better, you can sign up for a prescription discount card that you can use for up to 80% off! They even have mobile apps (alternatively you can find the same information by going to on your phone)! Read more about GoodRx here!

It's super helpful for when you're in clinic and your patient asks how much their drugs will cost AND helps them find where they can get the best price, whether they are insured or not! I would highly recommend it! Thanks to my sweet dad for keeping me up to date with technology and telling me about GoodRx a while back!

Do you have any helpful medical resources or apps you like to use?

Thanks for reading!

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