The Perfect Tote Bags for Work & the Weekend

Tote bags are the best invention ever. A cute alternative to the backpack that's professional and stylish. What more could a working girl want?! In the last few years I've become obessesed with tote bags because they are SO convenient, especially for work. Being able to fit my computer, notes, wallet, daily essentials, water bottle, coffee mug, and lunch into one bag is such a game-changer. I wanted to round up my 3 favorite totes and then some similar options for all the working ladies out there!

The Perfect Totes Bags for Work and the Weekend

1. Black Tumi Q-Tote - This bag is super spacious and has tons of pockets. I love that it's sleek and black so it's super professional for work! It also has a pocket in the back so you can put it on your suitcase handle, which is super handy for traveling! I also love that it zips up so if I'm running out in the rain, I can just zip up my purse and everything is protected! Tumi has super high-quality bags -- this bag has been through T O N S of use is still as good as new. It's currently on sale here, here, here and here!

2. Pink Coach Tote - One fun thing I've discovered from Laura is that diaper bags are major winners. I was looking for a fun and colorful every day tote that would fit all my daily essentials including my laptop and lunch. Most of the regular totes were a tad small for all of this and the diaper bag ended up being perfect! It has SO MANY POCKETS and then 4 extra pockets for bottles which is great for my coffee travel mug and water bottle. This is definitely my favorite because it is so fun and spacious. I seriously get compliments on it most days I wear it!

3. Brown Michael Kors Tote - In my mind this is the quintessential "tote". It's structured, leather, and super stylish. It has a dedicated laptop pocket in the middle which is perfect for storing your tablet or important folders! Also found here and on sale here!

My biggest advice is to get a high-quality brand with durable leather or nylon. If you're using a tote bag daily and stuffing it with things (#guilty), you don't want a bag whose straps are going to break after a few months! I know the initial cost is high, but if you can buy it on sale it's definitely worth splurging a little for a bag that will last for years and years!

Other favorites + sales!!
Kate Spade Tote - Kate Spade has tons of great quality bags in every shape and color. All of these are already on sale AND an extra 30% off with code "SUNSHINE"! One, two, three, four, five.

Tory Burch Tote - Another quintessential tote that has a middle laptop pocket and is very structured. Also love this style for a more laid/unstructured tote! You can get 30% off with code "EXTRA30" on the sale styles like this fun tote!

Madewell Transport Tote - Really great quality leather and also super cute! This one is also super cute and is 20% off with code "META20"!

Dooney and Burke Tote - Dooney and Burke also has tons of styles and so many color choices for each style! These are good classic totes if you don't want something too distracting! One, two, three.

Louis Vuitton Tote - This is definitely a major splurge but talk about a dream bag!!

Thanks for reading!

PS Isn't this outtake hilarious! *insert laugh-crying emoji*

The Perfect Totes Bags for Work and the Weekend

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