How to Eat Healthy When You're Busy

Tips on how to eat healthy when you're busy

Hia! Sorry for not posting in a little while, things have been pretty crazy. Since I've been so busy, I thought it would be fitting to do a post about how to eat healthy when you're busy (aka most days for me and I'm sure for you too!). It's super easy to be healthy when you have lots of time to prep healthy meals but when I'm busy, all my healthy habits go out the window. I've started to find my rhythm and I wanted to share some of my tips with you! For me, eating healthy has to be the easy and simplest option, otherwise I'll go for the super easy take-out or vending machine snack.

1. Water - I always carry around a bottle of water (I especially love these because I am more likely to drink it if there is minimal effort on my part aka I don't need to even unscrew the cap because there is a straw, plus they don't leak which is super nice!!). Drinking water keeps me hydrated when I'm drinking a lot of coffee and tea (caffeine dehydryates you!) and helps me have better work outs. Drinking water also makes sure I'm not overeating because a lot of times when you think you're hungry, you're actually thirsty/dehydrated! *Ideally* you should drink 2 liters a day.

2. Salads - Salads are SO easy to make. They are perfect for if I need to make dinner very quickly. I'll buy salad ingredients (mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded carrot) on the weekend and they last all week for daily salads. I like to mix it up with protein so 1 day of the week I'll make lots of chicken or salmon and then cut it up and put it in a container in the fridge. When I'm making the salad the morning of, I'll just mix the fixings (mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded carrots, protein, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, fruit) into 1 tupperware. It's seriously that easy! I like to put vinaigrette in a separate container just so my salad doesn't get soggy. It only takes a few minutes in the morning, it's super healthy, and because of the protein I'm actually full afterwards! I also like to have bread with my salad (hello fellow carb lovers!), so I'll either get sandwich bread or baguette and toast it when I'm about to eat dinner. This is definitely minimal effort (only a few minutes for a super healthy dinner vs 30 minutes to 1 hour of cooking a hot meal). Plus, if I have the salad already made it's much easier to eat the salad than to decide on and go get take out.

3. Smoothies - Smoothies are a game-changer for me. They're a perfect snack either in the afternoon or after dinner. They also only take a few minutes to make and are packed with fruits, yogurt, chia seeds, and oatmeal, so you'll stay full for longer than just if you just ate some fruit! I'm only slightly obsessed with smoothies. Again super minimal effort for a fancy, delicious, and extra healthy snack!

4. Healthy snacks & cutting your fruit - In addition to my smoothies I need to snack throughout the day. In the morning,  granola bars and mixed nuts are my go-to. For lunch I'll have a sandwich and then have a cut-up apple or strawberries as my post-lunch "dessert". Again with the minimal effort idea, I'm super weird and if you put an apple in front of me, I probably won't eat it. BUT, if you cut up an apple and put it in front of me it will be gone in 5 seconds. I'm weird like that but maybe cutting up fruit might work for you too!

Do you have any healthy go-to's for when you're busy? Comment below :)

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4 Delicious Recipes for Ripe Bananas

One of my least favorite things is when you're at the end of the week and your bananas are too ripe. You don't want to throw them away but you also don't want to eat them plain. (Does anyone else hate the texture of over-ripe bananas?!) I have a few recipes to save the day and your bananas!

1. Bananas with cinnamon and honey! Adding cinnamon and honey makes the banana sweeter and masks the mushier texture of an over-ripened banana. I love this combo so much! I especially love this combo on a piece of peanut butter toast! *perfection*

4 Delicious Snack for Ripe Bananas: Bananas with honey and cinnamon

2. Banana oat chocolate chip cookies - These cookies are SO easy to make! I usually mix together a banana or two, oats, chocolate chips, and cinnamon. You can also halve the recipe if you only have 1 over-ripened banana! Trust me, the cookies will be gone after a few minutes because they are so stinking delicious! It's totally okay to eat 6 at a time because they're healthy, right?! ;)

4 Delicious Snack for Ripe Bananas: Chocoalte chip banana oat cookies

3. Smoothies - I love adding an over-ripened banana to a smoothie because it makes the smoothie taste extra sweet and adds extra fruit! You can read about my favorite smoothie recipe here!

4. The easiest banana bread - This is the most delicious banana bread I've ever tasted, and it is so easy! You only need bananas, eggs, yellow cake mix, and chocolate chips. It may not be the healthiest banana bread but every time I make it, people immediately get seconds!!

Do you have a special recipe you make with over-ripened bananas? Comment below :)

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Labor Day Sales

Scarves and Sweets Labor Day Sales 2015

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend with a view as beautiful as this! With Fall just around the corner, stores are putting everything on mega-sale, so I thought I'd share a few hoppin' sales and some of my picks!

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Target: 25% off online and an extra 10% off with code "LABORDAY"

J. Crew Factory: Additional 50% off everything plus free shipping with code "FREESHIP". Some of my picks from J. Crew Factory (clearly my favorite!) are below!

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The Perfect Fruit Smoothie

Easy and delicious strawberry, blueberry, and pineapple smoothie recipe.

I have a huge sweet tooth and because of that I love eating fruits because of their sweetness. Growing up, my mom would make the most delicious fruit salads with kiwi and raspberries and every delicious fruit (I'll have to make a whole post about it because it's that good!). Another way I love to eat fruit is in a smoothie. A lot of times I'll eat a smoothie for lunch or as a snack because it's an easy on-the-go type meal that I can eat at my desk, while walking, or while running errands. I make smoothies a few times a week and I've perfected my go-to smoothie so I thought I'd share it with you!

Total time: 5 mins
Prep time: 5 mins
Serving: 1 smoothie

1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
1/2 cup of frozen pineapple
1/4 cup of orange juice
1/4 cup of Greek yogurt
1/4 cup of steel cut or regular uncooked oats
1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1. Put all ingredients in a blender and pulse for 30 seconds until well incorporated.
2. Serve cold, preferably with a cute reusable straw!

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PS I just got this blender and I'm obsessed! It works super well to blend frozen fruit in less than a minute. Bonus: it comes with colorful and fun lids to drink out of!

Inspiration Station: Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

comparision is the thief of joy print

Theodore Roosevelt is known to have said, "Comparison is the thief of joy." I love this quote because it is a daily reminder that comparing yourself to others will never make you feel better or happier. It is human nature to compare yourself to others and it is so easy to do so in terms of your job, grades, clothes, car, happiness, vacations, significant other, salary, the list could go on forever. But guess what? You can't compare yourself to others for two big reasons.

1. Comparisons are inaccurate because you never know the whole story. Someone could have a high-paid, respectable job but have horrible hours and never spend any time with their family. They could post amazing pictures of a vacation, but the trip was actually horrible and they lost their luggage and got mugged and ended up in the hospital for dysentery. Someone could seem really happy and put-together but inside they are dealing with mental illness or anxiety problems. Don't compare yourself because your comparison isn't accurate, the grass seems way greener on the other side.

2. It doesn't matter!!!! Even if you do want to compare, it's useless because life isn't about your salary during one time of your life, or about your grades in one class, or the awesome sports car you once bought. Life is a marathon and you need to focus on running yours well, and not about people running faster or slower than you. If your goal is to be a good physician, one exam in orgo isn't going to define you, neither is your MCAT score, or your class rank in medical school. All those things are important to some extent but what will get you through life and make you successful is how well you deal with adversity, because if you can continue to motivate yourself and keep running when times are tough, you will be the real winner. Keep your eye on your own goals and remember to focus on your journey, not anyone else's. There isn't one correct journey in life. (Example: in my med school class there are people from ages 20-45 who have had so many different experiences, jobs, education, etc and we are all going to be successful because we each have our own talents and skills). Everyone is on their own path so worry about yourself and being the best YOU and don't worry about anyone else. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on yourself: hard work and perseverance will enable you to succeed.

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