Summer Skin Protection

With summer in full gear I wanted to share some stylish sun protection. Summer days are made for trips to the beach, afternoons at the lake, and cook outs by the pool. With spending so much time outside (#praise), it's important to keep your skin protected from the sun's UVA and UVB rays to prevent skin cancer! Here are a few of my favorites!

6 Tips for Summer Skin Protection

Lands End UPF tops - After doing a bunch of research on the best UPF shirts, Lands End had the best reviews for high quality and cutest styles. I love my new top! It's very cute and breathable so I don't feel like I'm overheating even when it's crazy hot outside. I wore it to the beach and I didn't get burned at all because of the special UPF 50 material! That one is on super sale and there are tons of other cute options here! Also definitely check their size guide and go with your number size (2, 4, 6) rather than your usual shirt size (small, medium, large).

Athleta UPF Cover Up - I've been eyeing this UPF 50 dress all summer and I think it would be the perfect option for throwing on top of your swimsuit at the pool or just wearing around to run errands. This dress is also extra cute and also UPF 50!

Floppy Hat - Large-brimmed hats are perfect for protecting your scalp and your face from the sun! I've also been eyeing this beauty!

Sunscreen - I wear this moisturizer with SPF 30 on my face daily and will reapply if I'm out in the sun. For the rest of my body I love Blue Lizard and the Coppertone Sport spray!

Sunglasses - Check that your sunglasses are UVA/UVB protective because you also want to protect your eyes (and yes, unfortunately eyes can get cancer too)! I was so excited when I bought these! I also love this pair if you're looking for a splurge!

Umbrellas - Umbrellas are the perfect way to be outside while keeping your skin protected! This umbrella is great because you can set it up as a traditional umbrella or have it slanted on the ground so your back is completely protected! This canopy is also perfect for the beach or the pool!

Do you have any other tips for protecting your skin?! I'd love to hear them in a comment!

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