My Current Favorites: August

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Packages are my love language. When I was younger and went to sleep-away camp, my parents would always send me and my sister packages. The day you got a package was always the best day ever! It was like a little piece of home, filled with lots of love. In college, my mom and sister both would send me the sweetest packages with snacks, school supplies, and cute accessories. Packages are just the greatest and I absolutely love receiving them.

The other day, I came home to a lovely package from one of my best friends as a "good luck studying!" package. This friends knows me SO well and always gives the best presents ever. This package is definitely on my list of current favorites! I've linked all the items below :)

Greenroom notebooks (in store only, here for similar!)
Post-it Pattern Flags (lots of fun patterns including polka dot and gingham!)
Starbucks giftcard
Peach Prosecco Candle (discontinued, but here is the same collection, and here is a similarly scented one!)

Huge shout out to my friend for this awesome package! I mean, even the gold polka-dotted tissue paper is on point!

Do you send packages to your friends and family? What are your current favorites? :)

Thanks for reading!

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