Summer Skin Protection Article

I recently read a super helpful article about the do's and don'ts of sun protection. Of all my friends, I'm definitely "the mom" who always has her floppy hat and UPF50 shirt but some of the facts in the article even surprised me! After how popular my previous sun protection post was, I wanted to share the article and the main take away points (below!)!

Take Away Points:

Up to 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun - Say WHAT now?! Let me get pen and paper and write these tips down because I do NOT want to be wrinkly (Canadian Dermatology Association).

Use "broad spectrum" sunscreen - It protects against UVA and UVB rays, you need protection against both!

1 coat of lotion sunscreen = 2 coats of spray sunscreen - 1 shot glass is enough to cover your entire body if you're using lotion sunscreens. If you're using sprays or sticks, you need 2 coats to be completely covered and protected!

My neck, my back (of the legs), my lips, and my ears - The most commonly missed spots are the most common places for cancer to pop up, so don't forget to apply to yours ears, lips, back of the neck, and the back of the legs!

Apply 30 minutes BEFORE going outside - Most sunscreen needs to be applied 30 minutes before you go into the sun because it takes that long for the ingredients to start protecting your skin! I was definitely not aware of this rule!

Hope these help! If you have more tips, I'd love to read them in a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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