Love Yourself

The past few weeks I've had a lot of discussions with friends, family, and in my bible study about the importance of your relationship with yourself. One of the biggest life lessons I've learned is that YOU are the only person in life that you can always 110% rely on. Not only that but you spend more time with yourself than any body else, so accordingly, you hear your own voice more than any other voice in the world. Isn't that crazy?! I never thought about it that way.

With that said, most people's internal voice is very critical and negative. How many times a day do you think to yourself "why did I do that?" or "I should have done better on x, y, z"? If you can't give yourself a pep talk and believe in yourself, then no one else will! It's really hard to combat those critical internal voices but if you can wake up and look in the mirror and say "Hey! YOU are awesome! I believe in you! You can, and WILL succeed! You are doing your best and that IS enough!", how can you have a bad day? It sounds silly, but it really does work because eventually you will outnumber and overpower all those negative thoughts!

This may seem like a silly connection, but this Meghan Trainor song really strikes a cord with me, especially when she says "I can't help loving myself". You deserve it, so love yourself! Wherever you are in life, make a conscious effort to love YOU because you are amazing, perfect, and worthy of love! If you aren't going to love and believe in yourself, who will?

If you want more resources on the topic, I'd highly recommend the Relatable study by Louie Giglio

Thanks for reading!

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