Stitch Fix Review

I've been wanting to do a Stitch Fix review for a while now and I am so excited to share my opinions with you! I just received my 5th Fix and I love love love the program!

How it works: You complete a style profile with all your sizes (bust, pants, dress, shoes, etc) and fill out a style quiz of your favorites fashion styles. Then you make a Pinterest board and pin your favorite clothes, jewelry, purses, and shoes. You can also leave a comment for each fix requesting specific pieces. Your stylist will look through your comments, style quiz, and Pinterest board and will curate a box of 5 pieces for you. The box is sent straight to your door and you keep the things you like and send back the things you don't (free shipping both ways!). There is a $20 "styling fee" only if you don't like any of the items, but if you buy even 1, then the "style fee" is deducted from what you pay (aka no "styling fee"!!)! For reference, I've never had a fix where I didn't love/keep at least one piece and I am THE PICKIEST MOST PARTICULAR person ever!!

Why should I do it? I LOVE Stitch Fix and I would HIGHLY recommend it! It's definitely targeted towards especially busy ladies who don't have time to shop, or for ladies who don't live near tons of shops and boutiques! If you're looking for really ridiculously good sales and deals, this is not for you as you pay a little extra for the convenience of not having to search for the best price. The clothes are really nice and good quality and the stylists so a really good job of sending you pieces that you would like.

Pro Tip: If you're really picky or apprehensive about having someone else pick out your clothes, be really specific in your comments box and pin things you would actually buy so that your stylist can pick things that you will for sure love! For example, I've been eyeing this leopard print clutch for ages but wasn't sure about the price, so I asked my stylist and voila a beautiful leopard clutch (under $50 I might add!) was in my next fix!!!

Some of my favorite pieces:

How cute is this leopard print clutch?! The tassels though! See more pictures here!

Stitch Fix Review Leopard Clutch Front

Stitch Fix Review Leopard Clutch Back

The necklace from this post!

Stitch Fix Review Blue Necklace

This beautiful dress plus the necklace!

Stitch Fix Review Red Necklace and Floral Dress

How gorgeous is this dress? I can't wait to wear it to all the fancy events!

Stitch Fix Review Blue Palm Print Dress

The polka-dot sweater from this post!

Stitch Fix Review White Polka Dot Sweater

My favorite new top! The lace is gorgeous and I get so many compliments when I wear it!

Stitch Fix Review Blue Lace Top

I didn't end up keeping this dress but loved the pattern and cut!

Stitch Fix Review Red Dress

What do you think?! Those are just a few of my favorites but it doesn't include a gorgeous infinity scarf, a chunky grey sweater, a purple work dress, and tons more! If you're interested, sign up here!!

Thanks for reading!

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